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    What services are included ?

The following services are automatically  included with your membership  agreement:             
  • Janitorial services
  • Medical waste management
  • Hi-speed internet
  • Common Area Maintenance (CAM)
  • Utilities
  • Computers,printers,scanner,copiers, fax machines
  • Medical supplies
  • Furniture/decor for exam rooms
  • Cloud based security access
  • Spacious waiting rooms
  • Complementary snacks/drinks

What services are not included?                        

The following services are not included but are available per request:
  • Access to FT and PT staff
  • Conference Room
  • Procedure Room
  • Consultation Room
  • Storage
  • Paper/Ink Toner Replacements
  • IV Therapy Stations
  • Private Offices
  • Telehealth Virtual Rooms
  • Private Phone Line
  • Blood Draw Stations
  • Mail Services
*Services are available to book through our Silver, Gold or Platinum Package options. Please call for pricing and details.

      How flexible are the terms?

Our terms are flexible. Which gives you the freedom to choose based on your scope of practice and your professional goals. We offer short term and long term options. Terms range on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis. If you need to scale up or down we encourage you to take advantage of a service package that's works best for you. When you are ready to terminate your services or reduce the length of agreement,its simple,our contracts allow you for you to give minimal to no notice ahead of time.

      How are the rooms scheduled?

Through our mobile app. Each provider that signs up for our services will have access to our online scheduling portal.

Can I house my marketing and supplies at this location? 

Absolutely, we offer locker spaces and storage for you and your team to do so!

How are Electronic Health Records Stored ?

Practice managment support will assist with the EHR set up. It is completely cloud based and secure.

Will I need to carry Professional Liability Insurance?

Yes. As a member, each practitioner is responsible for carrying professional liability and potentially commercial general liability insurance.

What are the hours?

Great question. As part of your membership you will have 24/7 access to the common areas of the facility and access to the spaces for the time you are contracted for.

Do I have the ability to book more than one room at a time.?

Yes, rooms are subject to availability. If you would like to double book a space, please be advised that each additional room booked will be an additional charge.